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Concentrates: An Overview

For over 5,000 years ago, several historical references recognized the use of the herbal plant Marijuana for purpose of healing and treating various health conditions. Now considered as another form of alternative medicine and becoming popular among non-traditional medical practitioners. It is valued for its therapeutic and medicinal properties as an available alternative form of healing and being prescribed today to patients who will benefit from it. In the U. S., the popularity of prescribing medicinal marijuana concentrates among patients is clearly increasing. More states in the United States are legalizing the use and supply of medical cannabis in a regulated procedure. It is still illegal to use and procure this medical substance for purpose of recreational use.

Types of Medicinal Marijuana Hashish Concentrates:

1)     Budder– contains high level of THC about 99.7% more potent than the actual buds of the marijuana plant which usually only have about 5 to 25 percent. The budder is highly concentrated and potent butane hash oil (BHO). It has a buttery cream texture in pale or light yellow color almost in a paste like consistency. It can be best use with a dabber and won’t crumble when pressure is applied unlike most waxes. Also known as “super melt” for it gives out a clean complete burn.

2)     Shatter– this form is considered to be the most pure of potent concentrates. Filtering out the raw cannabis material and by eliminating all the solvents used in extracting the hash will result to a luminous concentrate called appropriately as shatter. Literally, this form will shatter into bits when use with a dabber, but when heat is applied it will transform into a chewy consistency. It has very light yellow color to dark amber and has a glasslike appearance.

3)     Wax/Earwax– is the end product extracted through butane hash oil (BHO). It is the failed form of budder extract. Comparing it with budder, wax is stickier and not well-formed. Waxes varies in appearance from crumbly candle wax that has a creamy color to amber colored wet sugar type, totally depending on what procedure was used in obtaining the wax .

4)     Oils– commonly called as “honey oil”, “honeycomb” or “flake”, is made from concentrated hash oil that comes in a molasses like form and usually has an amber color or golden for the more expensive variety. Many dispensaries now are shying away in selling this type of medicinals for safety reasons, but 40% of dispensary sales in the West are from oils. This hash oil is extracted by using solvents like ethyl or isopropyl alcohol via method of agitation and evaporation. The flake oil type is the dehydrated form of hash oil. Hash oils commonly have high potency THC content that ranges from 50 to 80 percent. Just a small amount is good to bring instant relief from pain; it is free of molds and gentler to the lungs than directly smoking medical marijuana for health purposes.

By Neil Charles