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Vaporizer Pens are portable, handy smoking devices that can be used for discreet smoking of choice herbs, wax or oils. It looks and feels like a pen that has several parts which includes a mouthpiece, chamber, heating element and battery unit. In just a few years, significant changes took place on vapes manufacturing giving more importance to the quality and functionality. Manufacturers in the U.S. saw the market for vaporizers when cult of e-cigarettes smokers is on the rise. This gave them inspiration and the modified form of e-cig took place in the product that we all know as vaporizer pen. Today, vaporizing cannabis concentrates in oil, hash or wax form is very ideal with the use of quality vape pen. There are a lot of smoking devices that are also portable, but can’t handle any concentrated materials, while vaporizers are mostly designed for the purpose of vaping out concentrates.

  • Cloud Vape Pen- this is a true value for money considering how affordable it is at less than $70. Not only it is a great for its price, but it has features that are truly useful for serious smokers. Sleek in design and highly portable, with wind resistant flame, heats up essentials to 400°F in a matter of 15 seconds or less. It comes with a long lasting battery and in various colors.
  • Trifecta Vaporizer- what’s great about this vaporizer pen is it can vaporize all three types of smoking materials. Whether you prefer liquid, wax or even dry herbs. No need to buy separate vape pen for every type of smoking material which makes this a true value for money at less than $90, not to mention it has quality and great features.
  • Persei Vaporizer- is hailed by many as one of the best vapes around. Though priced at $199. This portable vaporizer can provide quality smoke from different concentrates. Has a sleek design and comes with power charged battery capable of providing up to 200 puffs great for heavy smokers.
  • Tristick Vaporizer Complete Kit- a great value considering its quality, a complete set will cost only $139. Tristick vaporizer pen allows any user to enjoy oils, concentrate or dry herb with odorless vapor. Very handy and comes with a powerful lithium ion battery.
  • O.Pen: The O.pen vape is the newest and most popular vape pen on the market! Not only is it the size of your standard ink pen, it is sleek and looks very similar to a e-cigarette! The pen itself is very affordable retailing around $25. The O.pen is popular for a myriad of reasons, for one its simplicity, it can be charged on any USB port, it has no buttons to press all you do is inhale, and there is no cleaning at all just attach a cartridge smoke until its gone and then attach a new one! The cartridges are 250mg ($30) and 500mg ($50). They last for roughly 150 and 300 hits respectively.

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By Neil Charles